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To us there is nothing better than getting on your bike and losing yourself in the moment. Here at Khalsa Bicycles we are avid cyclists and know how much more enjoyable riding is with a quality bicycle.  We also understand that quality ordinarily comes at a premium cost.  At Khalsa we provide our customers with quality products at competitive prices.

The term Khalsa is derived from two sources.  First, it is the last name of the cofounder, Karta Purkh Atehortua-Khalsa.  Second, the literal translation of Khalsa is “pure”.  This is the basis of our vision.  We see riding a bike as pure fun and pure freedom.  Whether it is a ride across the street or a ride across the country, at Khalsa Bicycles we want to recreate the thrill of your first ride every time you get on your bike.

Pure Freedom … Pure Vision … All Khalsa.